2022 Teams Committed

Teams to be updated as teams sign up

Event Rules

Tie Breaker/Pool Seeding

  1. Point system (3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss)

  2. Head to head (wins v. losses, does not apply when more than 2 teams are involved in tiebreaker)

  3. Goal differential (max +/- 8 per game)

  4. Overall goals against

  5. Coin flip


*If only one team is forced to play a 4th game in an odd numbered division, this game will not count for the team playing their 4th game. However, it will count for the team playing its 3rd game. 


Player Eligibility: Players may play in divisions according to their graduating class, or above. No player will be permitted to play in any group below the year they are set to graduate, regardless of any circumstance related to how old the player is.

Game Rules


Applicable for all Games​:

  • Two 22 minute running halves, with 3 minute halftime. Games start and end on the official's clock. Game clock should not be stopped for any reason and will begin to run if teams are not ready to go

  • Penalty time and score will be kept by the box (If there is no box worker, penalty time and score will be kept by the head official)

  • 1 timeout will be permitted per GAME (30 second timeout). Timeouts can be called on the offensive end of the field only (Past midfield) or on a dead ball. No timeouts with under 5 minutes left in the game. Timeouts do not stop the clock.

  • Pool games can END IN A TIE. Playoff games will be determined by an untimed sudden-death period.

  • There are NO timeouts in overtime.

  • All discrepancies related to Pool play may be reported to the Information tent and will be handled accordingly.

  • EMS will be present at all times.