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2022-2023 EVENT RULES

Tie Breaker/Pool Seeding

  1. Point system (3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss)

  2. Head to head (wins v. losses, does not apply when more than 2 teams are involved in tiebreaker)

  3. Goal differential (max +/- 10 per game)

  4. Overall goals against

  5. Coin flip

If a team plays an extra game, this will not count towards their playoff seeding.


Game Time
All Games will be 40 minutes of game time. Game set up may vary per tournament. Games will be broken into either (2) 20 minute halves, or (4) 10 Minute Quarters.

Game Rules
2024-2031 Modified NCAA Rules
- Team will have 20 seconds to cross midfield, there is no touch required in the restraining box required
- Over and back rules are in tact after the 20 seconds
- Penalties are running time, penalty time will stop at the end of quarters and halves. Penalties will also be stopped during an injury or timeout.
- Shot clock rules are in effect, when shot clock is turned on teams will have 30 seconds to establish a shot on target or will forfeit the ball away. If the
goalie saves a shot or hits the post, the shot clock will be turned off.

- Crease dives must be away from the goalmouth

2032/2033 Modified NCAA Rules
- No Counts, No Over and Back, No Shot Clock
- Long Poles are allowed at all ages
- Body Contact is allowed, “Takeout checks” will be determined by official


- No Moto Grip or Knee Down


- One timeout per game, none in the last 5 minutes. There are NO timeouts in overtime.


- Only playoff games will have overtime rules in effect. If a pool game ends in a tie there will be no overtime. Overtime will consist of one continuous sudden victory period.

Player Eligibility
Players may play in divisions according to their grade, or above. No player will be permitted to play in any group below the year they are set to graduate, regardless of any circumstance related to how old the player is.


Weather Policy
If thunder or lightning is observed players and fans must leave the playing area, there will be a 20 minute delay from the last sign of lightning/thunder before games will resume. Every attempt will be made to resume the games and maintain the schedule as best as possible. Games will consist of a 25 minute running period until games are back on schedule, weather permitting.

Refund Policy
Due to the nature of the event, if any weather related reason or unforeseen event causes the tournament to be shortened or canceled, there will be NO REFUNDS. If you are interested in a 3rd party insurer we can provide this for you.


Contact Information
Any questions, issues, or concerns can be sent to Liam Brennan at

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