1. There will be NO CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES- this is a non-competitive Play Day of Lacrosse.

2. Each team will play 3 games.

3. There will be no heavy body checking, this included unnecessary body contact. These guidelines are from New York State
DOH and Garden City Recreation and Parks and are NON- Negotiable. Heavy body checking will result in a one minute
non-releasable penalty.

4. Start of the Game: There will be NO FACEOFFS FOR 2030-2023. The first possession will be decided from a coin flip.
After each goal, the goalie will start with the ball.. At 2029/ 2030 the teams will have the option to start with the ball in
their own alley. For 2022 and 2021 The ball will be placed down in the middle of the field by the official. The official will
take 5 steps down the midline and give the players a down call. He will finish the remainder of the faceoff call from that

5. Games will be 20 minute running time halves with a 2 minute half time and 3 minutes between games. Referees will keep
game and penalty time on the field. Penalty times will be running.

6. 2nd - 6th (2030-2027) grades are playing New York State Modified Rules.

7. One time out per game (clock runs).


9. There is no overtime. Games may end in a tie.

10. Ball must be kept in the box the last 2 minutes of the game if winning teams lead is less or equal to 3
11. 7th - 8th grade (2026-2021) will be playing NFHS High School Rules with counts.

12. Players and coaches must refrain from handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, and or any group

13. In lieu of the handshake at the end of the game, the kids can line up and tap sticks with the opposing team.

14. Any fighting or disrespect towards an official can result in IMMEDIATE expulsion from PLAY DAY - NO EXCEPTIONS.

15. One spectator is allowed per player. All spectators and coaches are required to wear masks, and socially distance. There
will be staff patrolling, and anyone not following the rules will be asked to leave. We have been told the event will be
shut down if the rules are not being followed.

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