Please Note: Parking is limited, and it is encouraged to carpool and arrive early!

We bring in a blend of specialty vendors and food vendors, along with having a full Blatant Lacrosse pop-up shop at all locations!
General Youth Tournament Rules
  • Mouth Guards, Arm Pads and Shoulder Pads Required
  • Penalty time will be kept by refs (Man-Up/Man-Down)
  • Any fighting/flagrant disrespect towards an official will result in expulsion from the tournament
  • Games consist of 2- 20 minute running time game – 1 minute half time to switch sides, 4 minutes between games.
  • Time will be kept on field.
  • No timeouts in last 5 minutes. 1 Timeout per game.
  • No Dogs allowed
  • No Barbeques allowed
  • Concessions/Vendor Village will be present
  • EMT/First Aid will be present
  • 3 Points for Win, 1 Point for Tie
  • Tie Game= 2 minute Braveheart 3 v 3
  • Tiebreakers- Points, Head to Head, Goal Differential, Goals Against
  • All Grades- Man Up/Man Down (Can play fast breaks if both teams agree (2/3 Grade)
  • No Clearing time, but 4 second goalie rule applies
  • Horns available upon coaches requests for substitutions
  • MERCY RULE: If team is trailing by 6 goals they have OPTION to take the ball
  • Long poles are allowed at ALL ages
  • Unless otherwise stated Blatant tournaments will follow NFHS rules
DISPUTES: All disputes to be resolved by the rules committee and decisions are FINAL